Automatic Dog Poop Bag Making Machine

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This machine can make garbage bag for dog poop

1.Unwind mechanical shaft controlled by magnetic powder brake
2.Unwind EPC device
3.Each material feeding controlled by inverter motor
4.Material outfeed controlled by inverter motor
5.Material length controlled by servo motor
6.Heat sealing and perforation is controlled by inverter motor
7.Equipped with air cooling device
8.Equipped with triangle folding device
9.Automatic paper core feeding and label sticking
10.PLC+touch screen with convenient operation, we can set machine speed, meter count and bag length

Model GL350
Max material width 240mm
Max bag width 60mm
Max bag length 100-320mm
Max diameter of finished roll 25mm(Can be customized)
Material thickness 10-20 um
Bag making speed 220 pcs/min
Machine power 3kw
Weight 1200kg
Dimension 5500mm×1300mm×1600mm

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