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Model FYZ400
Material PE
Film thickness 10-40um
Glove width 260-300mm
Glove length 200-350mm
Max speed of Machine 400 pcs/min
Power 15KW
Voltage 1 Phase 220V/50HZ
Dimension 5960*900*1560mm
Dimension after wooden packing Machine body 1 pkg: 2800*1100*1760mmPneumatic split 1 pkg: 2560*1030*1700mm
Weight Net wight:1400KG, Gross weight: 1600KG
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This machine can produce disposable plastic glove which is widely used in hotels, health care, family life, paint protection, beauty salons, garden working and clear working.


1.Touch Screen+PLC control, Servo motor drive.
2.Double unwind, double line production
3.High quality glove sealing knife, automatic and constant temperature control
4. Automatic counting, alarming and stop
5. Automatic splitting, final product is the complete glove, no need manually split
6. Equipped with one mould for glove, mould size can be customized, extra mould need extra cost

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