LM1300 Extrusion Lamination Machine

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This machine can extrusion LDPE,PP,EVA,EAA...etc lamination grade material,Use for film(BOPP,BOPET,CPP,CPE...etc),Paper,Aluminum Foil,Non-woven...Etc as base material for compounding lamination.Widely used in paper packaging,plastic packaging,non woven packaging,industrial packaging and other packaging.

Machine combination:

1.Feeding part
2.Corona Treater
3.Extrusion and compounding part
5.Second feeding part
6.Rewinding part
7.Control Unit


1.Extrusion: LDPE maximum 200 kg/hours (resin temperature 300-320°c)
PPEVA maximum 180-200kg/hours(accurate extrusion by various resins, process conditions);
2. Equipped with fast switching device and connector
3. T die head power 22kw, total 5 heating control area
4. Equipped with extruded air vehicle which is electrical driving
5. Automatic temperature control
6. Double unwind with air shaft, automatic loadign
7. Unwind servo control EPC device
8. Surface rolling type rewind structure
9. Pneumatic control trim cutter
10. Whole machine PLC control with touch screen, tension automatic control.


Model LM1300
Coating resin LDPE 、PP 、EVA、EAA etc .
Base material Paper, plastic, non woven, woven sack, aluminum
Speed 150m/min
Material width 1300mm
Material thickness 10-500um
Tension range 10-150kg
Max extrusion LDPE 200 kg/ hours
PP EVA kg/180-200 hours
Max unwind and rewind diameter 1000mm
Weight 17000kg
Dimension 11000*7100*3600mm

Extrusion sample:

11 (3) 11 (1) 11 (2)

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