Heat cutting temperature control during bag making

In the process of bag making, sometimes the bag sealing is not so good. The products produced in this way are unqualified. What causes this phenomenon? We should pay attention to the heat cutter temperature

It is import to control the cutter temperature during bag making, if the temperature is not suitable, finished bag will be not qualified.

First, make sure what is the material we are using. Same material different thickness different width different length, it need different temperature. Test several bags in the beginning of machine running to find suitable temperature

Second, different material need different temperature.

The cutting temperature decides the bag quality, if temperature too high, material will melt, edge not flat and material will be adhesive, then it will be a waste bag, if temperature too low, it can not cut bag completely, and it will infect the next bag.

Also, when machine speed is going faster, temperature also need go up, when speed is going down, temperature also need go down accordingly

We need clean the heat cutter frequently after machine off, after running for some time, it will have some dust on the cutter, if we not clean it, dust may transfer to the bag.

Also, we need check cutter status, after heat cutter running for some time, we must replace it with new one, after cutter using for some time, it will getting not so sharp.

So if we can control the heating cutting temperature correctly during bag making, it can increase production capacity, reduce bag waste, so we can reduce cost.

Post time: Oct-15-2020