How to do lamination?

    Laminating machine is combined with first unwinding part, second unwinding part, oven part, rewinding part. The function of laminating machine is to laminate two different material together, so it has double unwinder, but sometimes, we also use laminating machine only to do coating job, in this way, it only need one unwinder.
    First, we need put one roll at first unwinder, and fill the glue in the glue tank, than put another roll at second unwinder, the roll at first unwinder will go through the heating oven on the top to dry the glue on the material and go through heating roler together with the roll at second unwinding part, after that, the double roll will be rewinded at rewinding part, then the whole lamination process is finished.
    The important part of lamination is to control the tension of material and coating suitable amount of glue on the material. Control tension is to make sure the material is flat during running. Coating suitable amount of glue is to make sure the lamiantion is firm to reduce final product waste.
Laminating machine is widely used in food package industries to make the package more firm.

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Post time: Sep-01-2022