Technical requirements for automatic flat mask machine – how to purchase mask machine

In modern society, due to the continuous deterioration of the environment and the improvement of everyone’s awareness of prevention, the market demand for disposable medical masks and safety protective masks continues to expand. Many customers are sensitive to this entrepreneurial business opportunity and are looking forward to entering the mask processing and manufacturing industry. As everyone knows, due to the lack of understanding of the mask production process, the purchase of mask raw materials. The choice of mask machine manufacturers. Overall planning of the mask production line. Industry standards for mask manufacturing, etc. When searching for and inquiring about relevant information, it is very blind and confusing to formulate relevant cost budgets. The following is a general detailed introduction of the ultrasonic plane mask machine, to assist customers who are preparing in advance in the field of mask manufacturing to find a little shining point in the cloud and fog and grasp the orientation.
Initially, the appearance of the mask is simply divided into two-dimensional masks and three-dimensional masks. Floor plan masks are suitable for the medical industry, and 3D masks are suitable for daily maintenance. This article mainly introduces the purchase of ultrasonic flat mask machine (ultrasonic medical equipment mask machine) in detail.
Secondly, according to the different welding processes and operation methods of the ear straps, the flat mask machine series products can be divided into the production line of the ear canal mask machine, the production line of the outer ear mask machine and the production line of the binding mask machine.
Technical standard of automatic flat mask machine – how to buy a mask machine.
The new Taiming automatic one-to-two plane mask machine consists of a mask machine and two ear strap machines. The automatic conveyor belt and radio frequency connector have been improved, and the automatic production and manufacturing of floor plan masks has been completed, mainly including waterproof roll material feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge rib feeding, mask forming, mask laser cutting, ear-carrying materials and Electric welding. Processing technology such as cutting of finished products, processing technology such as cutting, and carrying out the entire production process from raw materials of waterproof membranes to finished masks. The machine equipment adopts ultrasonic welding method, and the design style is beautiful and generous. Environmental sanitation and environmental protection. Only one person needs to operate it, and the embossing of the mask is clear and firm. The melting effect is very good, it is comfortable to wear, there is no discomfort, the filtering effect is very good, and it is suitable for the face shape. Suitable for diagnosis and treatment, electronic devices, mining, engineering construction and other fields.
Technical standard of automatic flat mask machine – how to buy a mask machine.
Product Features:
1. The mask machine is automatic, ultrasonic welding, and extremely reliable.
2. The automatic masking machine can be turned into a high-precision multi-purpose equipment according to user specifications. Fully automatic collection of finished products, high production capacity;
3. Optical inspection, high stability, low equipment failure rate;
4. The fully automatic mask body is small in size and occupies a small total area. The overall structure is made of aluminum profiles, which are beautiful, strong and rust-proof.
5. When the intelligent magnetic induction damages the normal production and manufacturing standards (such as no raw materials, abnormal ultrasonic waves, etc.), it will automatically shut down.
Technical standard of automatic flat mask machine – how to buy a mask machine.
Product advantages:
1. The equipment is fully automated technology from the advance to the finished product, and a variety of functions can be considered for one piece of equipment.
2. One piece of equipment can produce all kinds of flat masks.
3. It saves the inconvenience of a lot of human capital required to manufacture masks.
Technical standard of automatic flat mask machine – how to buy a mask machine.
Information about masks:
The manufacturer of the mask machine introduced the raw materials of non-woven fabrics in detail. With the continuous innovation and rapid development trend of sterility testing object packaging products, non-woven fabrics have entered the disinfection supply center of various hospital outpatient clinics as sterility testing object packaging products. Mask machine manufacturers released non-woven raw materials.
1. Non-woven testing standards stipulate that non-woven fabrics used for sterilization of medical equipment packaging products should comply with GB/T19633 and YY/T0698.2.
2. Standard regulations. Validity period of non-woven fabrics: The validity period of non-woven fabrics is generally 2-3 years. Goods from different manufacturers have slightly different expiration dates. Please refer to the indication. Sterilized items packaged with non-woven fabrics should be reasonable within 180 days and will not be harmed by the sterilization method.
3. The non-woven fabric in the mask machine is different from general non-woven fabrics and composite non-woven fabrics. General non-woven fabrics have no antibacterial properties; composite non-woven fabrics have good waterproof effect and poor air permeability. Generally used for surgical gowns, surgical treatment sheets, etc. Nonwovens are laminated according to textile adhesive, meltblown and textile bonding processes. They are bacteriostatic. Hydrophilic. Breathable without hair loss. They are used to package sterility testing items. They are disposable and do not need to be cleaned.
Technical standard of automatic flat mask machine – how to buy a mask machine.

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