Production background of automatic garbage bag making machine


The bag making machine is a machine that makes all kinds of plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various sizes and thicknesses of plastic or other material packaging bags. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bags are the main product. However, the previous bag making machines have the following defects:

1、In the unwinding tension control roller of the previous bag making machine, the driving roller and the driven roller have different speeds. They are driven by a motor and the speeds are the same. The conveying speed of garbage bags will slow down, resulting in reduced tension in the middle of the garbage bags, and uneven folds, which affects the quality of garbage bags.

2、In the past, the hot pressing device, cutter device, and bag sealing device of the bag making machine were separately installed. After the hot pressing is completed, the garbage bags are transported to the back side and then cut and sealed in sequence. However, this not only needs to extend the overall length of the bag making machine, but also The production efficiency of garbage bags is reduced, and multiple lifting devices are also required, which increases the cost of the bag making machine.

3、In the past, the width of the conveying track of the winding mechanism of the bag making machine was fixed. When the width of the garbage bag is small, it is easy to slip on the conveying track, which affects the quality of the winding.

4、In the past, the winding roller of the winding mechanism of the bag making machine needed to manually set the material tube. After the material tube is covered, the winding can be carried out. The manual casing requires workers to work at the bag making machine frequently, which greatly wastes manpower.

Post time: Nov-11-2021