When using the slitting machine for production, the slitting process must be paid attention to and must not be taken lightly.

When using the slitting machine for production, the slitting process must be paid attention to and must not be taken lightly. Therefore, this article will combine the extruded composite BOPP/LDPE composite film, the quality problems that occur in the slitting production process and the related problems of the slitting machine to analyze.

1. Control the cutting speed
When entering normal production, the speed of the slitting machine should strictly follow the process requirements. Too high will also affect the cutting quality. Therefore, by controlling the slitting speed, the quality required for slitting can be obtained. Because, in the production, some operators artificially increase the cutting speed in order to increase the output and improve their economic benefits. This will make the film prone to longitudinal streaks and split-layer quality problems under high-speed operation.

2. Choose the appropriate slitting process according to the equipment and film performance
In normal production, it is necessary to adopt appropriate slitting technology for production according to the equipment performance, the intrinsic properties of the film, and the different types and specifications of the film. Because the process parameters, identification methods, and values of various slit films are different, the process must be carefully adjusted for each product.

3. Pay attention to the correct choice of workstations
In production, the frequency of use of each station of the slitter is different, so the degree of wear is also different. Therefore, there will be a certain difference in performance. For example, there are fewer vertical stripes for slitting products in a better condition. On the contrary, there are more longitudinal stripes. Therefore, each operator must pay attention to the correct choice of workstations, give full play to the best state of the equipment, grasp the on-site usage, constantly sum up experience, and find the use of the best characteristics of the equipment.

4. Ensure the cleanliness of the film
In addition, it should be noted that during the slitting process, each roll of film is reopened and then rewind, which creates conditions for the entry of foreign objects. Since the film product itself is mainly used for packaging food and medicine, Therefore, the hygiene requirements are very strict, so it is necessary to ensure that each roll of film is clean.

Post time: Oct-15-2020