Why is flexographic printing developing so rapidly?

1. Environmental protection, you can use environmentally friendly water-based inks (all kinds of fast food plate stickers are generally printed with flexographic printing water-based inks.)
2. Convenient operation, flexographic printing is a short ink path printing method. The operation is very easy to use, and it does not require a high level of experience to get started.
3. In the field of self-adhesive labels, flexo uses UV ink, which has high color density and high saturation, and has a strong shelf feeling.
4. Convenient and fast in the field of carton and corrugated box printing.
5. Flexographic printing uses anilox rollers to control ink volume changes. Color stability is much better than other printing methods.
6. The flexo printing machine can currently achieve a variety of process printing combined printing, such as rotary screen printing, hot stamping, back printing, offset printing, online die cutting, online coding (two-dimensional code), etc., high-end models also There can be an offset printing unit.

Post time: Jan-07-2022