QD350 Cutting Machine

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Max sealing width 280mm
Min sealing width 15mm
Max unwind diameter 600mm
Max rewind diameter 700mm
Precision for edge adjust ±0.1mm
Max sealing speed 300m/min
Power 5KW
Weight 1000KG
Dimension 3230*1310*1550mm
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSOlasPJ8Ro


This machine can cut shrink label after centre sealing for drinking bottle


1.Whole machine computer control
2.Step motor fix the length
3.Main motor inverter control
4.Equipped with EPC device to prevent the material moving left or right during running.
5.It can automatically count the cutting length and warning when it reach to the set length.
6.Equipped with Static eliminator to remove static electric during running
7.It can extra add function like horizontal perforation,vertical perforation,cutter with notch,conveyor, air shaft with magnetic powder brake

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