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Model SLD1300
Width 1300mm
Unwind diameter 800mm(Can make to 1200mm)
Rewind diameter 600mm
Paper core diameter 76mm
Slitting speed 200m/min
Slitting width 30-1300mm
Slitting precision 0.5mm
Power 5KW
Weight 1500KG
Dimension 1520*2580*1450mm


This machine is for slitting big width roll to small width roll, suitable for material of plastic film like Bopp,pvc,pe,pet,cpp,nylon and paper, non woven, PP woven.


1.Unwind air shaft is controlled by magnetic powder brake
2.Two rewind air shafts is controlled by two brake clutch
3.Whole machine is PLC control, unwind and rewind tension is automatically controlled
4.Unwind EPC device to prevent the material moving left or right
5.Main motor is inverter motor
6.It is equipped with flat blade for slitting plastic film, rotary blade for slitting paper,non woven.
7.The machine is installed with a blower to blow the waste edge away.
8.Rewind pressing roller make rewinding roll more even and neat.

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