YM480 Shower Cap Making Machine

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Speed 210 pcs/min
Material Non woven or PE
Material width 480mm
Materiral diameter 600mm
Power 5kw
Voltage 220V
Dimension 3900*820*1550mm
Weight 850kg


This machine can make disposable non woven or plastic shower cap which is widely used in house, hotel, hospital, beauty shop etc.


1.The whole machine is computer control with touch screen which is stable and convenient, we can set output, alarming and automatic stop.
2. Unwind mechanical shaft, controlled by magnetic powder brake
3. Unwind EPC device 
4. Main motor inverter motor
5. Ultrasonic welding is used to fix both ends of the non-woven fabric and the elastic band
6. The combination of ultrasonic welding and electric heating makes the product more comfortable and firm

Shower cap sample:


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