ZF350 Center Sealing Machine

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Speed 80m/min
Max material width 650mm
Max unwind and rewind diameter 600mm
Sealing type Gluing
Main motor 2.2KW inverter motor
Inverter converter 2.2KW
Total Power 3KW
Weight 300KG
Dimension 3350*1250*1200mm
Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-tERXeqtH0


This machine is used to  do center sealing on pet, pvc lable for drinking bottle. 


1.Independent unwind magnetic powder brake control, unwind EPC device
2.Equipped with mechanical shaft and air shaft is optional
3.Pump gluing system, gluing amount is adjusted manually
4.Main motor inverter control
5.Rewind mechanical shaft and air shaft is optional

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